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The Team Behind Appart Hotel Bordeaux

LThe people behind Appart Hotel Bordeaux

Our Team

Discover the expert team at your service during your stay

Amélie: founder of the concierge service, planning management, administrative, written response to customer requests and general organization of the company.

France: the president, founder of the conciergerie. Establishment of the company and valuable assistance in all circumstances.

Yann: founder of the concierge service, maintenance intervention in the accommodation, reception/departure of customers and in charge of the commercial part of customers and owners.

Christina: cleaning intervention in all accommodation, dry cleaning management.

Manon: cleaning intervention for all dwellings.

Rose: responsible for welcoming customers under 12 years old!

Our Story

It all started in 2009, with the purchase of a barn to renovate in the charming little village of Panossas, with a head full of ideas and few means…

And it was:

-4 years of structural work + complete development of the arch.

10 openings, 250 m2 of slab including 110 on slabs

It was long but we overdid it a bit for the gîte de l’Arche, we + or – started from the tree to make the doors, the table, the fixed frames, the kitchen and the slabs of Versailles. Size of the double basin and the caps of the stone pillars, etc.

During that time, it was roots!!! 4 years in the caravan (instead of the 3rd floor spa), drinking water at the town hall and work at the cleat!!!

A big thank you to my grandfather who made almost half of it during these first 4 years.

Good move with my darling Amelie in the Ark, luxury!
A year and a half of work to do the Third.
Just before opening the gite on the Third, good news the family is growing!!!
Change of program, we take the Third and we open the Ark in gite in 2015!
Afterwards it was off, a very very full opening of the Ark and my neighbor is selling his house so…

-AND BEN SO here we go again, about 8 months after finishing the Third, work in the Amelyann.

Well the neighbor had already worked hard! 6 months of work were enough to open this gite in 2016.

Until then, zero artisan, it fills the weeks well!!!

But it’s still full! and a house is for sale at the end of the street so…

-AND WELL SO we’re going back, a year of very intense work to renovate the house in which I live with my little family.

Big construction site: raising the roof, opening, demolition and creation of level plus everything else of course…

Fortunately, we are starting to get the hang of it!

One year after the purchase of this house, the opening of the Third cottage in 2018!

After that it calms down a little, but only a little!

In 2020, a beautiful house went up for sale in the center of Crémieu with a prime location! So…

You guessed ???

NO !!!

-YES, we’re going back!!! Big project, the banker begins to fall out of her chair when I call her. But she follows us!!! Thanks by the way…

10 months of work with almost all the trades, plus my two small arms, were necessary to get the Crémieu gîte, as well as the Augustins gîte. It was cool to work with craftsmen who became friends for the most part! And the result is great!

And now then?

Now, after having renovated all these accommodations, we have decided to open a conciergerie.

France and Amélie join the adventure in 2021 in order to offer a complete and quality service.

This allows us to increase our reception capacity, to share our experience/structure with owners around Crémieu for the management of their accommodation.

Well, you know everything.

For now!!!


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